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Want better health? Consult our Naturopath

Want better health? Consult our Naturopath

in Health Tips, Naturopathy March 13, 2021

Naturopathy is a system of medicine that recognises the interconnectedness of all living things. Centering on holistic care and disease prevention, a naturopath will help reveal the root cause of your illness and help you to use the natural power of the body to heal itself.

Natural medicine complements allopathic and other forms of medicine. It treats most disease states with herbal medicine, nutrition, supplementation, and natural remedies.

Naturopathy is underpinned by 6 principles:

· The healing power of nature

· Identify and treat the causes of illness

· First do no harm

· The naturopath as a teacher

· Treat the whole person

· Prevention

What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a holistic term for a practitioner who has studied health science. Qualified naturopaths belong to professional bodies that have standards of practice to uphold.  They train for 3 – 6 years in all types of modalities:

· Anatomy and Physiology

· Biomedical Science

· Pathology, Physical Assessment & Symptomology

· Pharmacology & Pharmocognosy

· Modern Phytotherapy

· Naturopathic Diagnosis

· Evidence-Based Practice

· Clinical Practice & Research Critique

· Communication and Business Skills

· Botanical medicine

· Bush or Bach Flowers and Iridology

· Nutritional medicine

· Massage

· Homeopathy

5 reasons why you should see a Naturopath 

Naturopaths help you:

1. Prevent disease; a naturopath will help identify the underlying causes of illness. Teaching you to work with the natural healing power of your body is a fundamental principle of naturopathy.

2. Treat common health conditions; gut health, hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular health, fertility, etc. Many prevalent conditions are treatable through natural therapies, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Naturopaths can support you with strategies for better health and wellness.

3. Adopt natural, non-invasive treatment therapies and tap into your own body’s healing ability. A naturopath will take time to examine your physical symptoms and understand your lifestyle, emotions, and things that might be impacting your health. Using nutrition and whole foods, our naturopath will help you strengthen and nourish your body.

4. Complement traditional western medicine treatment.  Our naturopath works alongside traditional western medicine to integrate evidence-based natural therapies. A whole health approach and a personalised treatment plan are developed for you.

5. Afford better health. Ranging from $85 to $100 for an initial hour-long consultation. Follow-up consultations are less expensive. Naturopathy is affordable.

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