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It’s time for Autumn planting

It’s time for Autumn planting

in Organic Gardening March 10, 2020

Thinking about what to plant in your garden this Autumn?  Since Autumn is one of the most productive gardening times, we’ve restocked our Eden Seeds Select Organic range. Now we’re brimming with in season organic seeds for your garden. 

It seems that many people are new to growing their own food. If that is you, welcome to the world of self-sustainability. There are some great online resources to guide your Autumn planting, weeding and gardening tasks.

We use the Eden Seeds planting guide to remind us about what we need to grow and in which season we need to plant it. 

If you’re new to veggie gardening, use a lunar planting calendar to help you pick the best time for popular gardening tasks. It will guide you on the best time to start seeds and which days to plant them out. Lunar calendars also guide you on the best days in the month to prune, harvest, weed and compost. Lunar planting guides use formulas that rely on the phases of the moon. We find the Rhythm of Nature Lunar Calendar a great resource to help guide our gardening tasks. 

Planting and gardening by the moon provides amazing  benefits and will result in a productive and healthy veggie patch. Using the lunar calendar, we can see that there are some fertile planting days coming up. Make sure you get your seeds in time to harness the magic of the moon. 

What to plant now 

Here’s a list of what you might consider planting in your garden now:

  • Quick maturing brassicas – pak choy, rocket, kale, cabbage, broccoli, mizuna and mustard
  • Root veggies – beetroot, turnips, radish, carrot, parsnip
  • Greens – lettuce, shallots, endive, silverbeet
  • Don’t forget all the winter comforts too – spring onions, onions, leeks and chives and loads of garlic (we’ll all be needing that).

We’ve even thrown the sprouting organic Dutch cream potatoes in too!

If you want to have a nice and full winter veggie patch and loads of veggies for amazing healing and immune boosting winter soups, you need to get planting.  

Send us the snaps of your winter garden. 

Happy Planting!