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Working hard to deliver the best quality

At Grandpa’s Garden, we have a long tradition of sourcing the best certified organic products from individuals, farms and brands who share a vision for creating positive and sustainable environmental and health impacts.

We dedicate endless time to reviewing and updating our range to offer the best certified organic products available.

We’re also continually talking with our group of natural health and wellness practitioners to ensure we stock a contemporary and mindful range of alternate and supplementary medicines and brands with the utmost commitment to certified organic ingredients.

Our Story

Grandpa’s Garden has been nourishing the New South Wales South Coast area for more than 10 years.

Our store started its life in 2007 with Beverley & Geoff Southam who worked hard to grow and provide fresh, organic produce from their farm to Narooma and surrounds. Over time this modest produce store grew into a place for health and wellness, expanding its offering into a large range of medicinal and culinary herbs,  alternate natural medicines and sustainable home products.

In 2019 Jacqui & Murray took over and embraced the foundations of fresh, quality certified organic products, renaming the store Grandpa’s Garden Organics and moving it to a bigger premises in the centre of town.

In our store you’ll find a wide range of certified organic fruit, vegetables, bulk and wholefoods, medicinal herbs and spices, complementary health and medicinal supplements, organic skincare, personal products and makeup, and home eco and sustainable products and everything you need for organic gardening.

At Grandpa’s Garden Organics we’re all about natural, sustainable and organic living, supporting local businesses and nourishing our community. And we do it with a passion.

Natural Process

We prefer our food naturally processed; where plants, animals and the environment do the work for us. Our foods are whole, minimally processed, and healthier for you.

Environment Friendly

We’re environmentally friendly and we use products made from recycled materials. We prioritise suppliers who use sustainable, biodegradable and recycled packaging.

Organic certification

Certified organic products are our norm, not our exception. That means you can trust that our labels and our products have been ethically and environmentally produced.